Tyra Banks is going from slaying the runway to slaying the classroom

The supermodel is teaming up with Stanford University professor Allison Kluger to co-lecture a spring course for M.B.A. students called, “Project You: Building & Extending Your Personal Brand”

The two-credit course offered to 25 graduate students will demonstrate how to create brand identity and strategy, maximize media exposure media and evolve a long-term image for sustainability.

Here is an excerpt from the course description.

Within a highly interactive learning environment, image transformations, live broadcasting of presentations at a television station, live streaming of portions of the class on Facebook Live, and YouTube recordings of presentations will all be part of the assignments and requirements. The class culminates with the students sharing their honed personal brand to the public via three viable platforms (Facebook Live, local television, YouTube) to jump-start their personal brand extension. An assignment is already due before the first class. Students are required to film a 1:30 video stating "Who you are, what your personal brand is, and what you want it to be". Banks, who holds an MBA certificate from Harvard, is no stranger to mastering the many keys of personal branding. She leveraged her supermodel status to create America’s Next Top Model and The Tyra Banks Show. Her brand continued to evolve beyond reality TV. She owns TYRA Beauty, a self-funded startup cosmetics brand. Her MBA Certificate was earned in an effort to help build and monetize startup. From launching an international career and building wealth as an entrepreneur all without ever leaving one version of herself behind, Banks might just be the perfect model for this course

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