Tyrese and Tank are finally unpacking TGT’s breakup.

Vibe reported the former bandmates didn’t hold back while talking about the split, sharing their different perspectives on what went down during an R&B Money podcast appearance.

The trio was founded in 2007, though in their 10-year run, they only released one album, Three Kings, which came out in 2013 with Atlantic Records. They called it quits in December 2015, Billboard reported.

Tyrese announced news of the split, telling fans he and Tank would go on as a duo. However, things got messy after Ginuwine slammed claims the breakup was a mutual decision on social media. Tank’s manager, J. Valentine, entered the chat and provided more information on the 47-year-old’s read on the situation. After that, the social media frenzy started to calm down.

According to Vibe, they addressed the messiness early into the 90-minute episode.

“So why did you break up TGT?” Tank asked Tyrese, point blank.

Tank added it was a “loaded [and] unfair” question and explained why the band’s profits weren’t divided equally before the 44-year-old answered, Vibe reported.

“I didn’t even give neither one of them the heads up that I was gonna present my market,” Tyrese shared. “First of all, I gotta defend myself ’cause we ain’t finna be out here crazy. Without even getting into numbers ’cause that ain’t nobody’s business, what the conversation was because I don’t do shows that often, when I finally do shows, I’m able to demand a certain number.”

He continued, “And so, the conversation was TGT — Tyrese, Ginuwine, Tank — how do we split three ways?” And, for me, that just didn’t work for me at the time. As we were about to sign the deal, I just had to put that on the table. … It’s 10 years later, G still ain’t over it.”

The “Maybe I Deserve” singer has mixed emotions about Tyrese’s diagnosis of the band’s demise.

“I love that you have a bottom line. I love that your self-worth is on ‘you cannot move my needle; it’s impossible.’ I think there comes a time where — because for me — you’re my friend, and so a bottom line in business starts to feel like you’re not just negotiating against me, but tryna make sure you’re standing above me. That’s, for me, where the feelings got weird.”

Later in the episode, Tyrese apologized and revealed the pair had private conversations about TGT and the group’s breakup.