Talk about perfect timing (or maybe bad – depending on your point of view). U.K.’s Channel 4 and Film4 are planning a series of public screenings for Brit playwright Debbie Tucker Green’s film Ransom, adapted from her own stage play.

The first screening took place in the beginning of August in Peckham, which is one of the very neighborhoods that was seriously ravaged by the recent London riots.

The film will be broadcast on Channel 4 on Aug. 23, and will have it’s international premiere at the Toronto Film Festival next month.

The network has planned 40 screenings in London, Glasgow and Birmingham, in venues as diverse as parks, festivals, barbers shops, community centres, pubs, churches even a tanning salon. All screenings are free and open to the public.

The film, which was written and directed by Green, is based on her acclaimed play, a hit at the London’s Royal Court Theatre, and it deals with a close-knit, working-class West Indian family whose lives are turned upside down when their only son is stabbed to death.

Go HERE to see a trailer for the film.

h/t to EC Forde