A Dominican UPS driver went viral on social media after sharing inspiring fitness tips he uses to stay fit.

Fitness trainer Mark Langowski shared a clip to his TikTok account of the UPS driver, Carlos Antonio Cruz, asking how he remains in good shape, Mitú reported.

“I don’t do weights. It’s calisthenics, pull-ups, dips, push-ups, and keep going,” Cruz replied.


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While delivery drivers typically walk often on their routes, Cruz had no problem engaging in the cardio exercise. When asked how many miles he walks, Cruz said around 60.

According to the Mayo Clinic, weightlifting can help manage weight loss and improve a person’s quality of life. However, Cruz said he experienced decreased stamina and endurance after strength training.

Additionally, he credits his calisthenics routine as his primary source of staying fit and in shape.

Langowski’s clip amassed over 3 million views, 365.6K likes and 11.8K comments. Cruz’s responses prompted other users to share their thoughts on his daily workout routine.

“He just needed the platform 😂😂,” one user said.

“Find this man. He is a star… his energy is great!!!” another wrote.

“I love my people so much lmaooo, PLATANO POWER,” a third user said.

As users continued to praise Cruz, others suggested he switch careers and become a fitness trainer.

“He needs to be a trainer,” one user wrote.

“He could be a great fitness teacher! 😂 I can see him being super motivating and telling you to not give up!” another said.

Cruz enjoys baseball, motocross and fashion when he isn’t delivering packages. He also has a personal TikTok account that offers positive messages to his followers.

In one of his videos, Cruz shared a message to his followers about not being afraid to die. While death will happen to everyone, the delivery driver encourages people to live and experience life.


Bless. Is another day. 🙏🏽

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