Set to make its New York premiere at the upcoming Urbanworld Film Festival is Nigerian-American writer/director John Oluwole Adekoe’s feature directorial debut, Knockaround Kids.
The film follows 2 weeks in the lives of 3 troubled kids caught between the Massachusetts social welfare system and the dysfunctional ways of those ordered to protect them.
Here’s how its described:
What does a knockaround Kid want? He wants to play. She wants ice cream. They want to go home for the weekend. But more than anything, a Knockaround Kid wants out. Out of the system. Knockaround Kids traces several days in the lives of three disenchanted youth who are seemingly caught up in a dysfunctional social welfare system that is supposed to exist to protect them. How many Knockaround Kids do you know? Knockaround Kids. What’s your trigger?
The film stars Peter Doherty, Laura Londono, Tiffany Smyth and others.
In addition to writing and directing for film, Adekoje is also an award winning of playwright and documentarian, making Knockaround Kids a film to take note of, as it continues to travel the film festival circuit.
One of us (New York writers) will be seeing the film, so expect further coverage.
Here’s a trailer: