Variance Films has acquired all USA and Canadian rights to the John Sayles’ drama/thriller, Go For Sisters – a film that had its world premiere at SXSW this year.

The scrappy indie distribution company is also responsible for the release of a handful of other indie films we’ve covered, like, most recently, An Oversimplification Of Her Beauty and Red Hook Summer.

Yolonda RossLisaGay Hamilton, Isaiah WashingtonEdward James OlmosHector ElizondoHarold Perrineau and Jacob Vargas all star in Sayles film, which is described as follows:. 

The plot concerns two friends, Bernice and Fontayne, who grow up so close they ‘go for sisters’, but then lose track of each other for twenty years. They are reunited when Bernice is assigned as the parole officer for Fontayne, who is fresh out of prison and fighting heroin addiction. But Bernice has an even more threatening problem. With a budget well under a million dollars and four weeks to shoot, this will be a return to the guerilla style of filmmaking familiar to Sayles from his early 80’s films Return of the Secaucus Seven, Lianna and Brother from Another Planet. 

It’s a film I have yet to see, despite its film festival travels this year. 

Variance will release the film in theaters on November 8 in NY, followed by LA on November 15, and additional expansion afterward, with a DVD/digital release in 2014. 

This marks the second time Variance and John Sayles have teamed up to release one of his movies. They previously paired up on the 2011 release of Sayles’ Phillippine-American War film Amigo.