For the past few days, we’ve seen hate-filled messages about Colin Kaepernick’s decision to protest the national anthem. On Tuesday, some veterans decided to change the tone of the conversation, and throw their support toward the 49ers quarterback’s bold move, showing solidarity.

Some wanted to be clear that bigotry is not what they stand for.

And to let others know to not speak up for all of them or generalize them.

Some used this as a reminder that veterans have fought for our 1st Amendment rights.

Others chose to point out that police brutality is NOT something they’ve fought for.

Not to mention the fact that black veterans fought for our rights and were still treated as second-class citizens.

Because contrary to some popular belief, there are black veterans.

Civilians all over twitter applauded the start of this hashtag.

This is absolutely amazing. Bravo!

Photo: Giphy

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