Victoria Monét surprised fans and brought out rapper Chalie Boy as she performed her hit single “On My Mama” during her concert in Dallas Sunday night.

On Monday, TikToker @elijvhsmith posted a video recapping the 34-year-old’s performance to his account. In the nearly three-minute clip, Monét performed the track from her latest album, Jaguar II, released in August. 

As the Georgia native sang the chorus, she welcomed Chalie Boy to the stage to perform his 2009 song “I Look Good,” which “On My Mama” samples. The 43-year-old had fans singing word-for-word while hyping him up from the crowd. 


Victoria Monet brings out Chalie Boy while performing “On My Mama” tonight in Dallas, Tx #onmymamaonmyhood #onmymama #victoriamonet

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Meanwhile, TikTokers was happy to see the rapper perform during Monét’s show.

“Chalie got on that stage and start sangin fr – mic on!! Straight chucccchh!! Calvert tx period 🔥🔥🔥” one user said.

“Chalie Boy’s deep cuts like Swangin Chrome will always slap and his voice is so good,” another wrote.

“Aaah seeing Chalie remind me of my 20s he a legend in Texas,” a third user said.

Other users praised Monét as a singer and performer who continues to make music for her fans to enjoy.

“I loovveee heeeerrrr!!! Im so glad she is getting the recognition she’s deserved for years!” one commenter said.

“First of all, what camera was this recorded on?! 🔥 And second of all, this tour proved Victoria is THAT girl,” another wrote.

Blavity reported fans called out MTV after not inviting the singer-songwriter to perform at this year’s VMAs.

“I see your advocation for me to have performed tonight and I’m so grateful to you!!” she tweeted. “Sincerely! My team was told it is ‘too early in my story’ for that opportunity so we will keep working! I’m grateful for YOU, for my tour starting this Friday and for the ability to see some of my favorite people perform tonight and receive the love they so deserve!!! For me, it’s part of the story… and in Gods time.”