Victoria Monét appeared on a new episode of Emily Ratajkowski’s podcast High Low with EmRata, where she discussed her past relationship with Kehlani, working with Ariana Grande and her love for R&B legend Sade. 

The Jaguar artist reportedly had a fling with Kehlani in 2020 and recorded the “Touch Me” remix featuring the Oakland native. In the interview, the 30-year-old said she was “pregnant” when the two collaborated, and the song was seemingly about the “Honey” singer.

Though she hasn’t shared many details about the pair’s past romance, Monét said she likes to keep things neutral with past lovers.

“[We’re] friends,” she told Ratajkowski during the podcast episode when speaking about Kehlani. “I kind of am like that with all of my past relationships. I really don’t like the idea of like, now someone’s dead to me, unless they did… I mean, some of my relationships ended where they did me wrong.”

She continued, “But like, I don’t know. I just got over it, and I like to have that kind of an open connection, like, I don’t wanna kill somebody off and be like there’s a rule of me not to speak to them ’cause I feel like that takes even more energy to like, try to avoid people and trying to hate them.”

When asked how to transition from lover to friend, the “On My Mama” singer said, “It takes a lot of time” to enter a new space with that person.

“I have the personality where I’m, when I’m off it, I’m really like, I, it’s almost like I can’t remember the person I was when I was with them,” Monét explained.

She also discussed her experience working with Grande for the Dangerous Woman Tour. She was one of the opening acts for the singer, with 37 North American dates and 15 in Europe. The 30-year-old said it was “awesome” to be in that position as an artist with no record label or manager.

“Yeah, it was really awesome. We did Madison Square Garden, which is a really exciting show, but it was just me on stage before her, so like dancers, no band. So I’m just like what a crazy experience,” she said.

Victoria Monét has grown as an artist, and she’s looking to collaborate with some of the biggest entertainers in the business. The Atlanta native said she wants to work with Beyoncé, Kelly Rowland and the legendary R&B singer Sade.

Watch Emily Ratajkowski interview Victoria Monét on High Low with EmRata below.