Victoria Monet is finally getting the recognition she deserves. Her latest hit, “On My Mama,” is becoming a quick favorite across social media. However, fans didn’t know the single had been in Monet’s arsenal for over two years and was written while she battled postpartum depression. 

The 34-year-old artist stopped by Ebro Darden‘s The Ebro Show on Apple Music 1, where she shared the inspiration behind the tune. “This record actually happened in 2021, probably… Maybe eight or nine weeks after I gave birth, right? So I’m in the mental space of, I was really having a hard time, I had postpartum depression, I was still breastfeeding, just adjusting to the life, but also in the midst of COVID.” Monet gave birth to her first child, Hazel, in February 2021. 

“So we’re in a pandemic, everything’s a little bit risky, scary to even be in the studio with a child. And ‘On My Mama’ was the first record I did that I actually liked. But it came while I was in a place of disbelief in what I was actually saying,” she told The Ebro Show host. Money continued, “It’s almost like I had to speak it into existence. And I do look good, I do feel good, and I am deserving. And so, I think of the record as an anthem for affirmations, positive self-talk, manifestations, living in abundance, speaking things into existence, all of that is kind of in the song, but in a really cool hood way.”

Monet went on to say she debated using the sample of Chalie Boy’s 2009 classic track, “I Look Good,” because “it’s expensive.” The price must have been right because now the single has become a summer mantra.

The Atlanta native admitted to Ebro that one of the hardest things she’s done is learn how to balance being an artist and a mom. She did, however, acknowledge her team for supporting her through the rough times.

“Time is just the currency that you can’t get back, so it’s like, man, just, it really takes a team, and people who really support and believe in you and understand why you have to be at the studio until 2:00 a.m., whenever you get home, and also a business team that understands why you have to be home and present and doing flashcards and spending quality time with family,” she said.

She added, “So, it really takes a community, I think about the term tribe a lot, just having people around you that really support that, no negativity, just all support and hands on deck, it really takes a village for even just one child.”

Listen to “On My Mama” below: