Denzel Washington is one of Hollywood’s most beloved thespians, but that doesn’t mean he tolerates people who don’t respect his personal space. An old clip that resurfaced on social media on Thursday clearly illustrates how the actor feels about fans who become invasive.

The video, which was originally posted to YouTube in 2016, shows one woman who crashed Washington’s interview as he was speaking with ExtraTV while being honored at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival. After jumping in the middle of the interview, the woman decided to get touchy, putting her hands on the actor’s chest.

Washington casually shoved the woman’s arms away while still keeping his poise. As the actor gracefully transitioned back to the interview despite the awkward moment, Extra’s Terri Seymour told him he’s too nice even when fans go overboard. Washington, however, made it clear that he has limits.

“I ain’t all that nice,” he said. “You saw Training Day?”

Training Day is widely regarded as one of Washington’s most iconic movie. Playing as Alonzo Harris, a longtime LAPD officer, Washington trains his rookie partner by taking him for a ride through the inner cities of Los Angeles. But in the end, it turns out that Harris actually has an undercover identity the LAPD didn’t know about. Washington dropped one of his most famous lines in Training Day.

“King Kong ain’t got s**t on me,” he said as his secret was about to be revealed.

After Washington’s 2016 interview resurfaced on social media, fans continued to praise the icon for always staying cool in every situation.

“Lmfao she was entirely way to comfortable touching him and he was politely not having it,” one person said.

Others also sensed the rage behind the smile.

“Oooh he was mad,” one person wrote. “The way his mouth tensed up.”

The gift that is Denzel Washington just keeps on giving, especially for people who enjoy using him for memes.

“His memes have been top notch for a while >>>,” a Twitter user wrote.