| February 01 2019,

10:54 pm

Chloe and Maud caught the world’s attention when they combined the classical art of tap-dancing with modern music.

In June, the two sisters recreated one of the most famed routines from Beyoncé's iconic Coachella performance.

The sisters sat down with Blavity and told us they got into dance when they were little girls. Chloe, the oldest, started taking jazz, tap and ballet when she was a child. Maud would get dropped off at her sister’s lessons and soon developed her love of the craft.

“She became my teacher my second year of dancing,” Maud told Blavity, referring to her sister. “We haven’t stopped since.”

“It changed our lives,” Chloe recalled. “I remember being 10 years old when people said 'what are you going to be?’ I would immediately assert I was going to be a tap dancer.”

The sisters are both alums of Columbia University, where they studied film. Famed dancer and actress Debbie Allen also mentored them.

“Our mentor Debbie Allen taught us to educate yourself, empower yourself through education,” Maud said. “A lot of our success has not only been on the dance floor but off the dance floor because we know how to run a business. We know how to balance a budget. We know how to finish a task.”

The sisters believe a strong work ethic and a supportive village is the key to success.

“Make sure your stuff is tight and dream big. Work hard. Work tireless. A little motto of ours is ‘don’t hate, create,’” said Maud.

“Another one of our mottos is ‘teamwork makes the dream work,'” Chloe added. “So surround yourself with incredible human beings that imagine beyond what is in front of them so that you’re constantly pushing your vision and elevating each other and that your ideas are met with excitement.”

They know their art is unconventional, so a sturdy foundation is essential.

“We’re not breaking down doors, even” said Maud. “We’re creating the entire house. We're trying to make the world see our African-American street dance form as an elevated form of art." 

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