| May 20 2019,

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"All the trips are mystery trips, you won’t find out where you’re going until about two to five days before the trip,” Walker told Blavity, as part of our "Regarding" video series. “All you need to bring is a backpack and a great attitude.”

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Walker started the company to show people that the world is, essentially, good. That there’s more to life than returning home from a trip with Instagram photos. He wants travelers to step out of their comfort zones, eat in people’s kitchens, hop in vans and visit different countries. He wants people to return home with memories and best friends that they’ll keep for life.

He wants to show people that they don’t need a lot of money to do this.

“I’m probably the cheapest person I know,” he joked. “So I made every trip $1,025.”

The company holds 10 trips a year. To help adventure seekers move around quickly, they won’t take more than eight travelers per trip. But the scariest part for most people, Walker says, is that each traveler is only allowed to carry one backpack – and it can’t weigh more than 20 pounds.

“(People) feel like, ‘Oh I need, 20 pair of underwear for a two-day trip,” Walker says. “It’s true adventure-ing. It’s like... we need to run, we need to just hop on a plane. We don’t need excess baggage to weigh us down.”

So far they’ve visited countries in five of the seven continents in the last three years, including Rio, Hong Kong, Bali, Peru, Europe, Canada, Mexico, the Islands – even Africa.

“It’s funny, I got to South Africa to visit, and ended up living there for two years, which is pretty crazy,” he added. 

Most first time travelers are in awe when they arrive at their destination. "It's like 'wow, I never imagined that this would be the first trip,'" he said. “It’s good to see folks enjoying themselves.’

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