| November 16 2016,

9:09 pm

New webseries alert. Situationships are now the latest dating standard for the millennial generation. If you're one of the many people out there who have no idea what your relationship status is, most of your "dates" consist of Netflix and Chill, and you're never introduced to family or friends, you might just be in a situationship, and there's a new web series out there that's just for you!

Situationships is a smart and sexy dramedy created by Cylla Senii which explores the twists and turns of millennial dating. It highlights 8 young adults in New York City who find themselves "talking" to people, dating people, hooking up with people, but ultimately they have no official title with their partners. They aren't in a real relationship, but rather a "situationship."

If this topic strikes a chord in your dating life or in someone else's that you know, tune in above.


Website: situationships.nyc
Youtube: youtube.com/c/situationshipswebseries
Facebook: facebook.com/SituationshipsWebSeries
Twitter: twitter.com/situationshipny
Instagram: instagram.com/situationshipny