In May 2011, we alerted you to a Pam Grier/Ving Rhames project titled Mafia, which Grier tweeted about at the time, as she was letting all her followers know what films she was starring in that were coming up.

At the time, a search revealed practically nothing about the film; its IMDB page was practically blank, it didn't even have a synopsis. And Ms Grier wasn't spilling anything further.

Fast-forward to today, a year and a half later, to a series of updates about the film I was able to dig up.

In short, we've got an official synopsis, release poster, trailer, and release dates.

First, the synopsis:

Ruthless crime boss Renzo Wes (Ving Rhames) rules the underworld. But when he crosses a cynical, jaded cop bent on revenge (Pam Grier) she becomes obsessed with bringing him down and is willing to break the law to do it. Her partner (Robert Patrick) is a clean cop who wants to do the right thing, but when his personal life intersects with Renzo's, loyalties are tested. The three of them are on a collision course with destiny – and no one will emerge unscathed.

Second, as I previously guessed, the film would be a straight-to-DVD/VOD title; and it looks that way, as Mafia is set to debut on VOD and DVD on February 5, 2013.

Third, IAR got an exclusive on the poster, which is embedded below.

And finally, after doing some digging, I found a trailer for the film, which is also embedded below.

The film is directed by Ryan Combs, who, according to his IMDB page, has worked with Rhames on a number of past occasions.

Here's the trailer (which doesn't look that bad actually); poster is underneath: