Viral 72-Year-Old Who Taught Himself How To Make Trap Music Leaves Producers Floored

He started making beats in his late 60s.

Photo credit:Twitter/@Add2theMC

| March 08 2019,

8:20 pm

Most elders are disgusted or perplexed by trap music, but 72-year-old Arthur Dubois is a big fan. In fact, Dubois is so into the culture that he began making beats as a hobby about six years ago.

The hobbyist beatmaker brought his work to a studio near his South Side Chicago home to let producer Andre “Add-2” Daniels critique them Monday. According to BuzzFeed News, Daniels was apprehensive at first and told Dubois the studio was “for the youth.” However, he relented after witnessing the grandfather’s sincerity.

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“When I heard his music I was in complete disbelief because you wouldn’t expect him to make this style of music, to be able to do it well, and to appreciate it as music, where sometimes our elders don’t see it as music,” Daniels said.

The music was so fire that Daniels called in a few of his homies and recorded their stunned reactions.

After Daniels shared the clips on Twitter, Dubois won many new fans, including artists who are eager to collaborate with him.

If you’re interested in following his journey, Daniels helped his new friend set up a Twitter account.

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