Virginia residents were livid after a photo went viral featuring some evidently subpar barbecue and underdeveloped mac and cheese, which claimed to be from somewhere in the state.

The president pro tempore of Virginia’s state senate, Sen. Louise Lucas could not afford to allow such a bizarre transgression go unchecked on her watch.

The 79-year-old longtime legislator for southeastern Virginia’s 18th district unveiled the infamous source of the questionable barbecue plate in a concise, yet incisive tweet, which has now amassed over 10,000 likes: 

“I’m aware of this fake photo circulating around the internet of Virginia BBQ,” she wrote. “Nothing like this has ever served in our Commonwealth. After some research, we learned that this picture was actually taken in Texas, so I refer any questions to her.”

As Eater reports, apparently, the picture was taken from the Yelp page of Ritzy B’s Smokehouse & Grill, which is a small roadside restaurant located in the North Texas town of Decatur. The post, which is seemingly a year old, highlights measly slices of white meat, white bread and perhaps the absolute worst offense: a styrofoam cup of DIY mac and cheese with a side of shredded cheddar and jalapenos.

The photo spawned a national melee between myriad states, which led to many showing off the best of their respective gourmet meats.

Sen. Lucas has since moved past the viral ordeal by taking a photo of a pair of barbecue sandwiches in her kitchen.