I was able to still vote, so I’m assuming this is still live; Courtesy of the BFMC: Black Folks Making Comics blog:

DC Comics is letting the people vote on their favorite  DC Nation Short of season one. I know Amethyst and Super Best Friends Forever has one and two locked up, but how about giving the Pierce sisters a little love by voting for Thunder and Lightning? Send DC a message. We want more of Anissa and Jennifer!

We featured DC Nation’s Saturday morning shorts block, which included Thunder and Lightning, which follows the exploits of the DC superhero Black Lightning (voiced by Blair Underwood) and his super-powered daughters Thunder (voiced by Cree Summer) and Lightning (voiced by Masasa Moyo). Thunder and Lightning receive their costumes from Peter Gambi (voiced by Jeff Bennett) in order to help their father fight crime.

As I recall, fans across the blogosphere were hoping that the Cartoon Network would make the superhero trio short a regular series, suggesting that the network is using these shorts as audience tests.

So, as BFMC suggests, follow the link to the page set up by DC Nation where you can vote for your favorite DC Nation Short.

DC Nation Shorts have been one of the coolest parts of the DC Nation block on Cartoon Network. In anticipation for Season 2, starting 04/27 on Cartoon Network, DCCOMICS.COM is showcasing the great shorts from Season 1. So, check‘em all out and then vote early and often to crown the fan-favorite of Season 1.