The newest Star Trek series, coming to CBS finally has a lead – and it's a black woman. There were hints that the newest Starfleet captain to join the ranks would be a woman, but now it's official. 

Sonequa Martin-Green will play the rank of lieutenant commander on the legendary sci-fi space exploration show, but her character's name still isn't public info.  Nevertheless, this is history in the making. Martin-Green is the first black woman ever to lead a Star Trek show. There have been black women ship captains, and strong supporting characters, before her, but none of them have ever been the center of the story. Even though she's not a ship captain to start, I think we can expect her career trajectory to head that way as the series develops.

Don't fret The Walking Dead fans, Sasha isn't going anywhere. Apparently, Sonequa will continue to play her role on the AMC comic book-turned TV show mega hit. So don't worry, now you'll just get to see her twice a week instead of one. 

Star Trek: Discovery has been busy at work in the casting department. Michelle Yeoh will play Captain Georgiou, Doug Jones is an alien Starfleet Science Officer – Lt. Saru, and Rapp is Lt. Stamens, a Starfleet Science Officer on the show's titular space vessel, the Starship Discovery. However, it's not all sweet. Bryan Fuller, the original showrunner that sparked our excitement about Angela Bassett potentially being captain has stepped back from the role, hanging on as just a producer. Hopefully, that won't impact the show to negatively.

There's still no air date for Star Trek: Discovery, but as things develop we'll be here to give you the details. Fam, it's lit.

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