One thing we can be sure we'll see in tomorrow's mid-season finale of The Walking Dead is the intro to Chad Coleman as Tyreese in AMC's hit zombie series… just in time as Rick preps for a showdown with the Governor.

But what else can fans expect in tomorrow night's episode? As the title of this post says SPOILERS AHEAD, so if you prefer to be surprised, you probably should stop reading now.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, posted yesterday, showrunner Glen Mazzara revealed some scoop on Sunday's mid-season finale.

Of note are the following:

– When asked whether Rick and The Governor will finally meet, Mazzara said "Not yet."

– In response to whether Andrea and Michonne would reunite, Mazzara said "I would hope so."

– And with Michonne returning to Woodbury, and The Governor thinking she's dead (Merle lied, telling him Michonne was dead), what might that mean for all 3 – Michonne, Merle and The Governor? Mazzara replied that there will definitely be a showdown between Michonne and The Governor; he doesn't say what the outcome of that face-to-face will be though. He added that Rick, Daryl, Michonne and Oscar will attack from the gates of Woodbury, which I think we saw in the promo. He doesn't comment on what this might do to the relationship between Merle and The Governor, when the Governor realizes the Merle lied to him.

– As for whether Andrea will now see The Governor's true colors, Mazzara said, "The veil is lifted!"

– And maybe the most crucial revelation he made in the interview was when he was asked whether members of Rick's contingent, or The Governor's will die, Mazzara replied, "It's the midseason finale, there have to be some deaths!" Further, he stated, "Definitely. The question is: By whose hands?"

– He also said that he "hopes" Glenn and Maggie get out alive, adding, "I love Glenn and Maggie," with a laughter.

– And finally, when asked to explain the mid-season finale's title, Made to Suffer, in one sentence, Mazzara answered, "You won't believe you have to wait two months to find out what happens next (laughs)."

So there you have it. Maybe of most significance (aside from Tyreese's intro), is the showdown between The Governor and Michonne, as well as the fact that some of the cast will be killed off. The question of course is WHO???

I found the new 30-second promo below on YouTube, with more footage than the Tyreese tease we posted a couple of days ago. Maybe it'll provide us with some clues… I sure hope Michonne's not one of them, based on what we see in the promo.

The Walking Dead mid-season finale airs Sunday at 9 pm on AMC. 

I'm sure we'll be talking about it on Monday morning.