From filmmaker Dennis Lovelace comes SCRUM – Rugby in the Inner City – in short, a feature-length documentary that follows the journeys made by student athletes from ICEF Public Schools' highly successful rugby program, as they travel around the globe to learn, compete, and connect with people from different backgrounds – all culminating in trip to New Zealand to compete, in March 2012.

For over eighteen months we follow the personal stories of five students, their families and their dedicated coaches. These are powerful stories of struggle, determination and triumph. Surrounded and supported by a loving community of parents, teachers and coaches, we see the students rise above their circumstances and broaden their horizons as they are inspired to graduate, to look ahead to college and beyond.

By the way, ICEF's rugby program is a highly regarded middle and high school league based in South Los Angeles, for both boys and girls.

The work-in-progress has received some TV buzz, courtesy of NBC Sports, as well as Last Call w Carson Daly, earlier this year.

No ETA yet, but as the filmmakers noted prior to the New Zealand trip in March of this year, there's still lots of work ahead to be done, but it is much closer to realization; although that was several months ago.

While we wait, you can watch a 13 1/2-minute promo of the upcoming documentary, for a nice glimpse of what to expect; it's not embeddable unfortunately, so you'll have to go watch it HERE:

SCRUM – Promo – Docu Short from Dennis Lovelace on Vimeo.