Yeah, so, uh… unless you've had your head buried in the Sahara, you'll know that Andrew Dosunmu's Restless City opens in 3 US cities today – New York, LA and Atlanta.

And I'm glad to report that the 7:55pm screening here in NYC, at the AMC Empire 25 sold out a couple of hours ago, if not before that! Nice job folks! Let me guess: you all knew I would be there for that specific screening, and that made it an easy decision for you right? 🙂

There are other screenings all weekend folks, so if that was your prefered screening time, don't fret. Click HERE to see what other times are available for you to pick up a ticket, or two, or 5.

In the meantime… thanks to AFFRM, Reelblack, Scribe Video Center, PIFVA and PhillyCAM, here's a video summary of the "Conversation With Bradford Young" event in Philly that we told you about roughly 2 weeks ago, during which he talked primarily about Restless City, and working with director Andrew Dosunmu on that project. It's a really wonderful, enlightening 15-minute clip; I love Bradford's forthrightness about his process, and his collab with Andrew on Restless, but also on their upcoming sophomore effort, Ma'George

And thanks to Bradford for mentioning the inlfuence Touki Bouki had on Restless City. Looking over my Sundance 2011 review of Restless, I never even made that obvious connection! And hearing Bradford talk about it was one of those great lightbulbn moments! Touki Bouki? Of Course! 

So yes, you should watch and listen, and then go see the film: