Here’s a look at the first episode of Season Two of The United Colors of Amani, which
was conceived and produced by Amani Starnes, a real life actress based trying
to make her way through the crazy world better known as Hollyweird.

The Kansas City native and Yale graduate, who, aside from acting, also sings and choreographs, and has appeared in numerous independent
films, TV commercials, plays, concerts, music videos, rock operas, and
musicals, and who has worked with many notable names, including comedian/rapper Donald Glover, says she created the series because on her own experiences
as an actress in L.A., and says that growing up in a mixed race household in the
very black and white Kansas City, MO made me hyper-aware of racial politics and
dynamics from a very early age.

She goes on
to say that: “As a performer, I
became even more attuned to the demands of racial performativity and
image.  After my fair share of
negotiating naysayer critics who balked at colorblind casting and directors
whose work thrived on stereotypes, I came to expect just about anything in the
casting process.

The season
premiere, which was directed by Jordan Black
(of Saturday Night Live, MadTV, and The Groundlings) picks up with Starnes “finding
herself cast in a play where the director questions whether or not she has the
authentic look of an Angolan slave. To what lengths will she go to convince him

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