The more I see of this flick, the more convinced I am that I likely won’t see it… at least I won’t pay to see it.

It’s like a relic; anachronistic maybe is a better term. It may have been much better suited as a 1990s drama, than something produced in 2011. I’ve seen enough of this kind of material from this particular POV. And before all the Machine Gun Preacher apologists surface with claims that we’re somehow denying the life of the real man (Sam Childres) Gerard Butler plays in the film (which has been a common argument in past posts about this movie), stop now! You’re missing the point entirely! But I’m too tired to explain my problems with films like this… yet again.

From the poster to the trailer, and now the below clips, it looks more like a parody of similar films that came before it, and I just can’t take it very seriously.

Sue me!

Anyway, Monique will be interviewing co-star Souléymane Sy Savané (featured on the first clip below) either tomorrow, or early next week, so we’ll have his take on all this, and more, once that interview is posted.

Watch the 2 clips below (NOTE: the second is courtesy of Entertainment Weekly, and may not play. If it doesn’t click HERE to watch it; h/t The Playlist):

And here’s the second clip: