nullIt opened in New York City last weekend, and will gradually expand to other cities, starting this weekend in Los Angeles, followed by releases in Washington, D.C. and Philadelphia next weekend, and then Atlanta, the San Francisco Bay AreaChicago and Detroit shortly after. 

While you wait for it to reach your neck of the woods, here are 2 new clips from Joe Brewster’s and Michèle Stephenson’s acclaimed feature documentary, American Promise – a 13-year personal journey that follows the directors’ son (Idris) and his best friend (Seun), from their first day of kindergarten through high school graduation, and how their lives diverge, as they navigate an elite, performance-driven, ivy league New York City prep school in a world still largely segregated by race, class and culture.

The completed film, which made its world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival in January is scheduled to air on PBS’ prestigious POV program eventually, so it should be accessible to most of us, especially if it doesn’t screen at a theater near you. But definitely see it if it does!

Zeba reviewed the film after its Sundance premiere HERE.

Watch both clips below:

American Promise Clip – Parent meet up from The Rada Film Group on Vimeo.

American Promise Clip – I Hate School from The Rada Film Group on Vimeo.