Dealing with America’s long history of medical
experimentation on black people, and conceived, written
and directed by Andre Welsh, Red Sleep is being marketed as a television series; According to the filmmakers involved with the project, negotiations are currently under way with both
domestic and international network distributors.

However, there are plans, as well, for the series to also be available on the web.

In the series, Chioke Jelani Clanton (pictured above) plays Clyde Harris, an
escaped prison inmate who makes a deal with a U.S. military drug experiment in
exchange for his freedom. Unfortunately, after taking on a new identity in Los
Angeles, the side effects from the drug and his past catch up with him.

Red Sleep also stars Ron
, Jessica Sonneborn and Don Stark.

Check out the series Facebook page HERE.

Here’s the new trailer which gives us more of a look at the upcoming series:

RED SLEEP Trailer #2 from Andre Welsh on Vimeo.