Here's the sci-fi short film David Oyelowo stars in, that we first told you about in July 2011, called Rahab, based on an idea that won the 2011 Enter The Pitch contest.

The film, directed by Rob McLellan, from a script penned by Nev Pierce, made its world premiere at the SCI-FI-LONDON Film Festival in May, earlier this year, and, a few month later, is now online, in full, for everyone else to watch.

A recap… 

In short, the project  won the 2011 Enter The Pitch contest, which requests that you create a 2 minute pitch for your short film idea, based on a story in the bible, whether directly or loosely, and the winner gets £25,000 (or about $40,000) to produce it. That's a hefty chunk of change isn't it? Especially for a 15-minute short film.

But it's a sci-fi project, so $40,000 can get used up really quickly!

In addition, the winner is flown to Hollywood for a week, where they meet with a Hollywood producer about their completed film, and other industry professionals.

Rahab is said to be based on the Biblical story of the fall of Jericho, and centers on a slave, a spy, a city under siege and a choice to be made that will change their world forever.

The film was shot in 5 days in early July 2011. Post-production took much longer.

By the way, David Oyelowo's real-life wife, Jessica Oyelowo, also stars.

Don't be surprised if the film becomes feature film eventually.

Watch the 20-minute Rahab below:

RAHAB from Rob McLellan on Vimeo.