It's not the surest path to get Hollywood studio attention, but, in recent years, several filmmakers have made short films that went viral (some we featured), and got Hollywood's attention. A few of those shorts have gone on to become feature length films.

Here's the latest one that, according to several reports, has Hollywood on the hunt.

Titled True Skin, it's a 6-minute sci-fi film directed by Stephan Zlotescu‘s, whose manager says thatindustry response has been insane,” five days after the full film was uploaded to the web, and attracted some 230,000 plays in that short time.

Within hours of release, we were receiving calls from major studios and financiers,” he added, and that they're in “active negotiations.

Ultimately, they want to adapt the short film into a feature film, saying that they believe it has the potential to be a franchise, broadening beyond cinema, and into video games and more.

And this won't be the first time Stephan's manager, Scott Glassgold, has gone down this path. He and his company (IAM Entertainmentspecialize in pitching movies via viral shorts as a different approach to the traditional “submit-screenplay-and-pray-for-a-miracle” approach that most first-time feature filmmakers rely on. 

Two years ago, IAM Entertainment drew Hollywood's interest with a fake trailer for an English-language version of a Serbian sci-fi movie titled Technotise. Currently, Avatar producer Laeta Kalogridis, is developing a live-action script for that project.

So is this one worthy of all the hype? Would you want to see a feature-length version of this? Watch and decide:

TRUE SKIN from H1 on Vimeo.