Today’s Short Shout comes from Johnnie Hobbs III, and is titled Nostalgia
Here’s a synopsis: Nostalgia tells the story of, Mr. Gabe Robinson, a living legend as he struggles to hold onto his music and his muse, wife, Helen Robinson, despite the fervent opposition and resentment of his loving son, Gabe, Jr. Punctuated by vivid musical memories, the aging tap dancer recalls the glorious and regretful life he once lived both onstage and off, with a message not about dreams deferred, but dreams derailed.
The film stars Dulé Hill as Gabe J., Johnnie Hobbs, Jr. as Gabe Robinson, and Chloe Arnold as Helen Robinson.
To learn more about the festival-played film, its cast and crew, visit the project’s website HERE.
Watch Nostalgia in full below: