nullI shared a minute-long clip from this conversation yesterday, on the S&A Facebook and Twitter pages, unaware that the entire 90-minute conversation had been uploaded to YouTube by the host. And thanks to Jana for alerting me to it, it’s embedded below.

In short, in an April 6 event (last Sunday) at the Florida Film Festival titled An Evening with Giancarlo Esposito, the veteran revered star of stage and screen, likely now best known in the mainstream for his portrayal of Gustavo Gus Fring on the hit AMC series Breaking Bad (although I call him a veteran because the man has been around for a while, and we here know his work well) talked about his lengthy career, from his early starts, to the present, as well as his personal life, from his youth to adulthood. He share lessons of cultural understanding, perspective, and self-growth, and specifically, making Spike Lee’s Do The Right Thing – a film that was screened immediately before the conversation with Esposito, which he of course co-starred in. 
The event was in celebration of the film’s 25th anniversary.
Watch the 90-minute chat with Esposito below. I call it a conversation, but it’s practically a one-man show. Of note, he’s asked if there’s one role that he’d love to play; his reply: Martin Luther King JrAleksandr Pushkin, and Barack Obama, whom he showers with praise: