I just came across this 25-minute short film from Benh Zeitlin, whose feature film debut, and one of the best films I saw at the Sundance Film Festival this year, Beasts Of The Southern Wild, has been one of THE most talked about films so far this year; and rightfully so.

Read my review of it HERE if you missed it.

The short film, made in 2008, on an estimated $100,000 budget, is titled Glory At Sea, and carries many of the same artistic flourishes his feature debut has.

And I'll just say that, if you watch Glory At Sea, and you like it, then you'll definitely also like Beasts Of The Southern Wild; and if you don't care for the short, then, well, you likely won't care for the feature film either. 

Glory tells the story of an entire village that builds its own raft in order to escape a Louisiana that's been shattered by Hurricane Katrina. It's also against a similar backdrop that that the story in Beasts Of The Southern Wild unfolds.

Fox Searchlight will release Beasts for a limited bow on June 292012; although before then, however, it'll screen at the Cannes Film Festival this week, if it hasn't already, and then the Los Angeles Film Festival in June.

Watch Glory At Sea below: