If you’re one of those who’s been anxious for more “black representation” on AMC’s hit TV drama series Mad Men, or if the idea of a “black version” of Mad Men tickles your fancy, maybe you’ll dig this new web series.


Titled Black Mad Men, it comes from director Morgan Evans and writer Phil Augusta Jackson (both also produce), and stars one Sasheer Zamata (who recently joined the cast of Saturday Night Live, after much protest over that program’s lack of black female representation). 

Joining Sasheer are Anthony AppruzzeseShaun Diston, and Phil Augusta Jackson himself.

The series’ catchy tagline is: 

Advertising for black people, by black people, for white people…

It’s set in the 1960’s, at a time when white business owners began to really see black consumers as a potentially lucrative, if untapped market. 

It was in the 1940s that research was first used to aid in defining Blacks as consumers. The study was initiated by the Afro-American Newspaper Group, in collaboration with the Urban League. A summary of the findings confirmed that Blacks were a viable market segment (Wow, really? Who knew?), but the racial attitudes of the times prevented most marketers from pursuing the opportunity.

Fast-forward about 20 years, and, well, Black Mad Men… 

Watch the episode below titled Hummus: