XLrator Media will release Michael Connors' military drama, Allegiance, first on VOD, starting December 6th, and then in theaters on December 28, 2012.  

The film (Connors' feature directorial debut) stars Seth GabelBow WowMalik YobaAidan Quinn, and Pablo Schreiber.

Here's a synopsis:

After being granted a questionable transfer that will keep him stateside as his National Guard unit deploys for Iraq, Lieutenant Danny Sefton (Gabel) becomes embroiled in a last-minute AWOL attempt by one of his soldiers (Bow Wow) on the eve of deployment — forcing Sefton to choose between his loyalties to the fleeing soldier, his unit and his family.

Malik Yoba plays Staff Sergeant Hart, described as "the father figure of their unit who does his best to keep the "Jamaica Avenue Boys" in line on the eve of their deployment."

The film was written, directed, produced and financed almost entirely by veterans.

Also worth noting, former Navy SEALS and Army Green Berets were enlisted to train the actors and extras.

Daryl Freimark and Sean Mullin produced and John Patrick Boyle executive produced the film.

Ahead of its VOD debut, S&A has been granted an exclusive look at the film, via a clip, which you can watch below:

[iw-legacyvideo id=”fea33820-3e33-11e2-960c-22000a1d0930″ url480p=”″ url720p=”null” url1080p=”null” stillimage=””]