nullThe 55-minute thriller The Man in The Silo, by first time director Phil Donlon and starring Ernie Hudson, will premiere at the 19th Annual Chicago Black Havest Film Festival (see full lineup HERE).

Our own Sergio Mims was quite impressed with the film, and gave us his thoughts back in April. He described the film as essentially chronicling the psychological and emotional breakdown
of a man after the death of his wife and young son, the film, very effectively (and helped
by Bernard Hermann’s haunting score
for Hitchcock’s Vertigo), paints the
harrowing portrait of a man falling apart at the seams.”
Read that full piece HERE.

Here’s more about the film:

Filmed in the Chicago area, THE MAN IN THE SILO is a bold
mix of horror, Hitchcock, racial themes, and experimental narrative.  Ernie Hudson (“Oz,” GHOSTBUSTERS) delivers a tour-de-force
performance as an African American corporate executive haunted by the recent deaths
of his wife and child and fearful that he is being squeezed out by his white
business associates.  With his grip on
reality crumbling, he tries to reconstruct the events that have led him to a
ruined silo across from a deserted farmhouse. 
First-time director Donlon is a co-founder of Chicago’s Gilead Theater

A trailer surfaced earlier this month, and it certainly looks like a film to watch out for, especially Hudson’s challenging performance in the lead. Watch below: