Check out this short from French director Léa Rinaldi, titled, simply, Box.

Two days ago, I profiled an upcoming feature documentary that Rinaldi is directing, on the controversial Cuban hip-hop group Los Aldeanos, which was selected for the upcoming 2012 Les Arcs Work in Progess event.

I wasn't familiar with Rinaldi, so I looked her up to see what's on her resume, and that's how I came across this 2011 12-minute short film.

In short, it covers a boxing match – the calm before the storm, the storm itself, and the aftermath. 

It's in French, but there's really no dialogue; the images tell the whole story. I think she does a great job with editing and sound design, making for a simple, yet very effective short piece of work.

Watch it in full below:

BOX de Léa Rinaldi – Court-métrage documentaire 12mn from Léa Rinaldi on Vimeo.