in that, the main protagonist happens to be a pot dealer which, no doubt, some
people will object to. But then again, nothing gets more people more curious to
watch anything than controversy.

The 10 episode
series is called “Chee$e”, which is still in production, and was created and
directed by Damian Marcano, a native of Trinidad & Tobago, and whose previous
work includes, "The Little Boy & The Ball," and the feature film "God Loves The

Akil Williams, Lou Lyons and Julio Prince, Marcano describes his film as the story
about a young man, Skimma (Williams) whose world is turned upside down when he gets
the news that his girlfriend is pregnant.

for money, he “embraces a new profession: the village pot supplier. And it
quickly becomes evident that everyone wants what he’s selling — even local rastaman
Osiris (Lyons). As a result, Skimma is faced with making some money to provide
for his new child, and keeping his new enterprise out of the reach of the law."

filmmakers admits that some may not like the premise of his series but, as he
says, in his own words “Let’s see if the people like it. Let’s see if they like
CHEE$E. We all like it, but some of us smoke; so who really knows :)”

Like I said
his words, not mine…

Here’s is
Episode One: