Check out episode 1 and 2 of this new superhero web series titled CV Nation, created by DeWayne Copeland and Scott F. Evans.

Here's how they describe it:

Enter a world where Costumed Vigilantes are MADE, not born. Follow a group of enforcers, as they fight crime… and each other.

Based on both episodes below, which I've just watched, it could all be tighter, especially the technicals. But I assume they're not working with a big budget, and I have to applaud the ambition here.

It also appears that the focus is more on character development and study than on special effects-laden action sequences.

I'll keep up with the series to see where it goes. 

Thus far, they're up to episode 2; both 1 & 2 are embedded below.

In episode 1… Souldragon returns to town on a covert mission. Sparks fly when the city's resident protector Transguardian takes exception to her arrival.

And in episode 2… Transguardian heads home from a long day and then some ish goes down.

Thanks to Black Supehero Fan for the tip; also, check out the all the character posters underneath the episodes: