Here for your mid-week amusement is a scene from the 1986 martial
arts film Ninja: The Final Duel, directed by Robert Tai and
co-starring the African-American martial arts expert Eugene Thomas (AKA Eugene
), who appeared in a dozen martial arts films from the mid-80s to the
late 1990s.

Now I admit that I’ve never heard of this particular
martial arts film, or the director before, but from what I could gather, both Tai
and the film have a reputation for being overlooked and worthy of

Well, to be honest, I’m not sure about that, but it’s for sure one of the funniest. Not only for the cartoonish fight choreography, but also
for the completely moronic, English-dubbed jive dialogue that they gave for Thomas, obviously done by a white guy who sounds as if he’s in an episode of Amos and Andy.

But I can already see RZA planning to do a remake, and I’ll bet you can too.

h/t to Erik Wilson