nullInteresting concept. I watched it once just a few minutes ago, and I plan to watch it again, and much closer the second time, because I didn't digest it all the first time.

It's an experimental sci-fi short film titled Applied Theories of Expanding Minds, that's set in a future Kenya that has just freed itself from Chinese domination. This of course speaks to recent Sino-African relations, which have seen the Chinese become an increasingly stronger, powerful presence in African countries – what some have branded 21st century colonialsm.

In the film, a group of people within a future community in Kenya have decided to free themselves from years of oppression and no longer follow the usual Chinese customs. To replace the ways of the old Chinese colonizers, they instead organise their lives according to rules imposed by the magnetic fields of the Earth.

Like I said, interesting concept.

Applied Theories of Expanding Minds was directed by Rut Karin Zettergren, Jennifer Rainsford and Lena Bergendahl.

Watch the 30-minute short film below:

Applied Theories of Expanding Minds from Crystal Beacon on Vimeo.