I featured this last summer – FiGHT DANCE SiNG: A Capoeirista’s story –  a film that was sent to me by the filmmaker, his feature film debut, which he made for virtually nada, and uploaded it to YouTube for audiences to discover and watch for free!

Since then, he’s been working on subtitled versions of the film, in both French and Portuguese, for those audiences, given the subject matter’s international appeal as well as the style and tone of the film.

Knowing where your audiences is, is obviously important, and he certainly does, and has now made the film available in languages that he knows a chunk of his audience speaks.

He’s shared the Portuguese version with me, adding that he’s working on a sequel to the film, after the first one finds as large an international audience as possible.

And given that this site does have an international audience (although most are USA-based), I’m sharing the Portuguese-subtitled version of below.


It’s the type of move I don’t see filmmakers make very often, and I’m interested in seeing how it pays off for the filmmaker in the long run. His goal is to hopefully raise money for his next film(s), based on the strength of this film, after you all (and investors) see this no-budget work. 

I dig his hustle!

But instead of me yapping, I’ll just let the filmmaker – his name is Kamal Robinson by the way – tell you what’s up, in his own words.

Thank you for watching my first movie! There was no budget and I am working to find investors for the next 3 films in the series! If you dig the Movie and would like to donate or leave a tip. I thank you! Please share with your ‘peoples’!

FiGHT DANCE SiNG: A Capoeirista’s story, is a fun, first of its kind “online movie“, centered around the action packed fast changing life of New York City native Junie Lachman. Junie is reaching the point in his life where just surviving day by day isn’t cutting it. But it takes life’s own special blend of events to force him to do something about it. Junie is forced to face death, deal with an unexpected house guest, and fight for his life. The only thing that “holds him down” through it all is his passion for the urban martial art of Capoeira.

The film is written and directed by Will Smith’s mentee and former on-set assistant, Kamal Robinson (I AM LEGEND, HANCOCK).

The film also features Hip-Hop’s own classic figure Dres (Black Sheep) as the film’s main antagonist.

The film has a rocking’ original hip-hop soundtrack produced by Eli Brame, Ayo, the Killer Kidz and more.​​​​

The film has a Facebook page HERE, and a website HERE, where you can learn much more about Kamal.

Watch it below – all 107 minutes of it – and if you’re motivated to assist based on what you see, click HERE to make a donation: