“Everybody’s favorite thing to do after work is now a web series.”  And it’s pretty damn funny.

DMV-based filmmaker Geena Vontress is the creative mind and head-writer behind the new Washington, DC-set comedic web series Happy Hour.

Vontress revealed to S&A that a comedic series is a project she’d always hoped to take on.  So she wrote some scripts, recruited friends to assist with production, and held a casting call.  What she ended up with is a witty series in which the premise is, basically, ‘friends meeting for happy hour to talk and tell a story that happened to them’.”

In addition to writing all but one of the eight Happy Hour episodes, Vontress served as camera operator for all episodes except the one she co-stars in, Ep.7: Hipster.

Vontress plans on continuing the series if it gains a sizable audience, and also has plans for shooting some short films and sketches that branch off the Happy Hour brand.

Check out the first episode of Happy Hour below.  To continue and subscribe to the series, visit Happy Hour on Youtube.