nullWait..don't roll your eyes. I know what you're saying…. "Oh God not ANOTHER web series!"

True. It seems that there are too many of them and they're all beginning to look alike. I understand. I really do. I admit I'm becoming weary (and wary) of them too. 

And yet I think this new one just might have some potential if the creators of the show can keep up the creativity of the series. 

It's called Finding My Obama and deals with a single young African American woman (played by Nefetari Spencer) who's tired of all the games and losers she's been dealing with and sets out to find a man of substance.

The series was created and written by veteran TV sit-com writers Antonia March and Jacqueline McKinley, who have such shows as The Bernie Mac Show and Are We There Yet?, to their numerous credits, as well as the short films Move and Oxtails.

All four episodes so far can be found on the Finding My Obama You Tube channel HERE. Watch below for Episodes 1 and 2.