Bah-humbug! I'm probably in the minority when I say that the all-new new James Bond just hasn't quite grown on me. I prefer the old-school 007 – the Sean Connery and Roger Moore years specifically. 

Maybe it's just nostalgia, as these were the first 007s that I was introduced to as a kid in the 1980s, and nothing has topped them since – not Timothy Dalton, not Pierce Brosnan, not Daniel Craig.

I'd say that it probably doesn't help that over the last 20 years, cinema has seen quite a few of what I'd call James Bond look-a-likes on film and TV, as well as the many homages and parodies of the spy film; so much that it'll take much more than the expected guns, girls, and glory to impress me. I'd like to see the franchise try something entirely fresh; go with a writer and director you wouldn't expect; give it the old kick in the kaboose, and shake it up a little bit. 

But then again, many have settled into James Bond conventions, and are ok with them; and radically altering what's apparently still working, might proof disastrous at the box office. 

I still say, with great risk, comes the potential for great reward. You never know unless you try. I actually won't mind seen James Bond as a black man, set in the 1960s or 1970s, as much of the world was undergoing significant political and social change that would resonate for decades to come, as he navigates his way through all that muck – much of it directly affecting his ability to live a "standard" life, and move around the world as any other free man would. There'll be much more at stake than the usual. It'll probably feel more personal, and thus more interesting to me. The most recent Bonds have left me numb.

But something like that… it doesn't have to be exactly like I just described. Wishful thinking…

While we wait for pigs to fly, let's play the "spot Naomie Harris in the Skyfall trailer." Ready… go!