nullThe seemingly always busy and active Idris Elba toplined this 2-part, 2-hour BBC feature documentary that sees him travel the world, looking at the history of motorcar racing.

Those with BBC American here in the USA would’ve seen it already.

Titled "Idris Elba: King Of Speed," the doc series highlights the colorful, political, social and historical evolution of racing, from prohibition to the present. 

Southan Morris produces and directs.

The project was shot last year, and eventually aired in the UK. It’s only now making its way to the USA via BBC American.

It won’t be the first time that Idris has fronted a documentary series for British TV.

There was Channel 4’s 2011 doc series "How Hip Hop Changed The World," which was followed by the 2-hour doc, "How Clubbing Changed the World," last year, 2012 – both hosted by Elba.

Watch parts 1 & 2 of "King Of Speed" below: