If you’ve read our past writing on Cousin Skeeter, you already know we’re massive fans of the early 2000s Nickelodeon hit. Thankfully, Cousin Skeeter co-star Meagan Good still loves the character as well, as evidenced in a video interview.

In NickRewind’s latest episode of their YouTube series, Throw Back with Nickelodeon, host Anthony Padilla reunites Good with the Skeeter puppet. Good’s reaction becomes instantly iconic as she sheds tears as a result of seeing the puppet for the first time in 20 years. As she told Padilla, the puppet and the show were “such a big part of my childhood.”

“Being in the business for so long…it’s not an easy business,” she said. “…It’s a constant faith walk to get that type of opportunity at such a crucial age and for that to really be a big part of my childhood. We didn’t really get to go to prom because I was filming…that was a choice and that was a choice that I would never change or do differently but the things that were happening in my world, that’s the world I experienced as a teenager and Cousin Skeeter‘s a very big part of that.”

Check out the full video below.


How ‘Cousin Skeeter’ Rose Above Gimmicks And Reflected Black ’90s Pop Culture

Photo credit: Nickelodeon

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