Announced at MIPCom (the annual TV and entertainment market held in Cannes in October), Michael Jai White stars (alongside Rutger Hauer, Scott Adkins, Joe Flanigan and James Marsters) in a live-action TV series adaptation of the Métal Hurlant Chronicles fantasy comics magazine.

France-based WE Productions, and Panini U.K. Media are behind the sci-fi adventure series which was previously shopped around, with the first 2 seasons (12 episodes for each – or 24 total) already ordered, to be delivered in Spring 2012 (season 1) and then November 2012 (season 2), but, as of right now, will only be seen in Europe.

Will they travel? I would assume so, given the talent in front of the camera, and how familiar they are with the Stateside audiences. But who knows… depends on whether a US-based network is interested enough to pick the series up.

Guillaume Lubrano
, whose IMDB credits list only this project, will direct the episodes, which will be in both French and English.

I should note that Métal Hurlant (which literally translates as Howling Metal) is essentially the French originator of what we know as Heavy Metal fantasy comics magazine, here in the west.

A blend of dark fantasy, science fiction and erotica, 2 feature films have been produced based on the comic – in 1981 and in 2000, both animated. Most recently, in 2008, David Fincher was said to be developing an R-rated animated feature based on the work; but it looks like that project may be dead; and this year, Robert Rodriguez expressed his interest in the project at Comic Con in July.

As for what role Michael Jai White plays in the French/UK-produced TV adaptation… no word on that yet.

What we do have is a first-look at the what the series will look like, which follows below; and, well, uh… let’s just say that if it does air in the USA, it looks like it’ll make for perfect Sunday afternoon programming on the SyFy Channel.

Any fans of the comic book?