Fox has released a fall preview of their new Sci-Fi show Sleepy Hollow, described as a modern day re-telling of Washington Irving‘s classic, from co-creators/executive producers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci (Star Trek and Transformers franchises, Fringe). 

The pilot has been screening in several cities after debuting at Comic Con earlier this summer, and ahead of its premiere on the network Monday, September 16 at 9/8c pm. Reviews have been mostly positive so far, especially when it comes to the chemistry of its main stars Tom Mison and Nicole Beharie. With Beharie in the lead – as well as Orlando Jones – I’m certainly looking forward to this show.

And maybe you should too! Expect an episode recap/talk back post on the site after the show’s premiere. 

In the mystery-adventure drama, Ichabod Crane (Mison) resurrects from the Revolutionary war over two and a half centuries ago and into the present day. With the help of detective Abbie Mills (Beharie), who’s initially reluctant to believe the outlandish story, the unlikely duo set out to track down a headless horseman, who is one of the four men in the apocalypse and now on a murderous rampage in the modern-day town of Sleepy Hollow.

There’s much more to it, and yes, it seems quite far-fetched to say the least, but use your imagination will ya?

Orlando Jones plays Captain Irving, Sleepy Hollow‘s head of police who isn’t buying any of it. 

In the promo below, Beharie and Jones talk more about the show, and you will see some new footage throughout. 

Who’s tuning in? Watch: