Directed by Luis Alberto Lamata and written by Dario Soto, the slavery-set Venezuelan drama Azu, has been traveling the international film festival circuit since last year. 

The film, which was nominated by the 2014 African Movie Academy Awards (AMAA) in the best film from the diaspora category, was released in Venezuelan theaters in August of last year. 

Here is the translated synopsis:

In 1780, an African woman is forced into slavery and sold at auction. Don Manuel Aguirre, the sugarcane farmer who buys her becomes obsessed and has no idea her ancestral destiny will disrupt his plantation. A group of slaves flee the sugar plantation and they are now seeking refuge. Action, mysticism and the struggle for identity join in this story with a feminine edge filled with magic and the density of the forests. 

Azu stars Flora Sylvestre, Juvel Vielma, Pedro Durán, Maryelis Rivas, Mariela Reyes, Antonio Machuca, William Cuao, Gonzalo Camacho, Freddy Aquino & Ernesto Montero.

Watch the trailer below, which isn’t subtitled in English, unfortunately.