nullHere’s your first look at Micheal Beach (Soul Food, Waiting to Exhale) in the new drama Scrapper, premiering at the Seattle Film Festival on May 21.

Beach stars in the drama – helmed by Brady Hall – as Hollis Wallace, who makes a living by collecting discarded metal “scraps” or pieces. A loner, Hollis spends most of his spare time caring for his sick mother. Conflict arises after he he meets a runaway teen, who becomes his work partner.

The film is said to be inspired the filmmaker’s home renovation; Brady became curious about people who asked him about collecting metal.

Here’s more:

Did you know that scrap metal is America’s 4th largest export? Well, Hollis Wallace does, and he makes his quiet living trolling the back alleys of Seattle looking for cast-off copper, aluminum and other valuable metals. Hollis uses all the tricks of the metal scrapping trade to earn his living and navigate through a fascinating and rowdy world that few pay any attention to.

Hollis’s only friend is his ailing mother, and his only drive in life is to collect enough scrap to take care of her. But his routine and isolation are disrupted when he has a strange encounter with teenage runaway Swan in the basement of an unhinged neighbor. They end up forming a scrapping partnership that almost borders on a friendship, before the forces in their lives threaten to destroy their new bond completely.

SCRAPPER is a witty drama that stars Michael Beach (Third Watch, Soul Food, Sons of Anarchy) as Hollis, a quiet man with a keen grasp on his trade and no grasp at all on his personal life. Newcomer Anna Giles plays Swan, the train-hopping, dumpster-diving 18 year old who awakens a paternal instinct in Hollis and threatens to change his stubborn antisocial ways. Aidan Gillen (Game Of Thrones, The Wire) plays Ray, an unusual guy with unusual hobbies who doesn’t take kindly to Hollis intruding on his life…

The film was shot entirely in Seattle, Washington in August of 2012.

I’m glad to see Beach have his own starring vehicle, which seems to be an interesting and/or peculiar one.

Watch the trailer, courtesy of Indiewire: