Ahh yes… a familiar struggle. I appreciate the first-person POV here.

The story goes… In 2003, Ugandan photojournalist Ssuuna Golooba, believing he’ll find a land of milk and honey on the other side of the Mediterranean sea, in the Netherlands, packs up his belongings, says goodbye to his family, and moves there. However, he soon learns what other immigrants before him also discovered after they made similar trips with identical dreams – that the milk and honey don’t flow as democratically as initially expected.

In a documentary that screened at the Media That Matters Film Festival, Ssuuna’s personal journey is documented, his goal being to “

It’s part of a large multi-media project, which includes a 9-part television series and a website www.surprisingeurope.com; combined to give African immigrants a realistic idea of what Europe is like. Visit the website for more…

Watch the preview below.